Artwork by Tyler Bumgarner

Nick Joaquin famously said, “The identity of the Filipino today is of a person asking what is his identity”. Being a Filipino is having to ask yourself everyday who you are. It is being and feeling both you are and you are not. But who else am I if not Filipino? More than that, it’s being in judgement of yourself vis-à-vis your fellow Filipino.

Gen Z — A Conversation with Sinta

Before we met Sinta (on a Zoom call necessitated by current circumstances), we were first confronted by a series of technical and internet difficulties from both ends. Finally, a third screen popped up on our online call and we were greeted by a new face — apologetic but smiling. Quick introductions were had, and we were immediately struck by Sinta’s casual but collected demeanor. “What a unique name!” we pointed out to Sinta as we introduced ourselves. She proceeded to explain it’s meaning: an old-fashioned word for love. To us, it could not be clearer that there is no name…

Artwork by Abby Tamayo

The journey of life is not quick, nor is it easy. It’s full of seeing, feeling, and learning; a whole lifetime of these three processes that will lead you to little details and sudden realizations. In the end, no matter which of the three occur first, you gain something from them: awareness.

We grow up and experience what our lives have to offer, but sometimes, we limit these experiences only to what is right in front of us. Often, we don’t even see past the tip of our noses. …

Welcome to the official publication of Kids for Kids Philippines where we give young people a platform to create waves of change through valuable, genuine, and authentic conversations. We believe in the power of words to create waves of change. We will be giving an inside to the minds of the next generations and new-age thinking that will hopefully guide us all towards a more promising future.

Baybay, [Filipino] meaning shoreline , & Baybayin, [Filipino] meaning to spell, we named this publication precisely that to conjoin the idea of using our language to make a difference.

We are founded on the Spirit of Bayanihan and foster stories that develop our sense of identity through Changemaking for both our people and planet. …

Bayanihan Habang Na Sa bahay (2020)

Bakes Change (2020)

Kakampi Klub (2020)

Unsubtle Changemaking is a networking platform by the HABILIN movement that creates a community space for sharing stories, resources and information to cohesively generate change.

Connecting communities, beneficiaries, partners, and changemakers to create opportunities for different sectors to collaborate for people, planet & Philippines.

Presented by Kids for Kids, Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Fund the Forest (now For the Future), Where To Next, Eco Explorations, Lokal Lab, Kids Who Farm, UN SDSN Youth Philippines, TAYA Pinas, MUNI PH, and Bayanihan Para Sa Magsasaka.


Standing up for and with others.

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