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Illustrated by Keana Sanchez

“Hirap na hirap na ako.”

Artwork by Tyler Bumgarner

Gen Z — A Conversation with Sinta

Before we met Sinta (on a Zoom call necessitated by current circumstances), we were first confronted by a series of technical and internet difficulties from both ends. Finally, a third screen popped up on our online call and we were greeted by a new face — apologetic but smiling. Quick…

Artwork by Abby Tamayo

Welcome to the official publication of Kids for Kids Philippines where we give young people a platform to create waves of change through valuable, genuine, and authentic conversations. We believe in the power of words to create waves of change.

Bayanihan Habang Na Sa bahay (2020)

Bakes Change (2020)

Kakampi Klub (2020)


Standing up for and with others.

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